Kim has always been highly empathic and intuitive. Over the course of her lifetime, she has been finding her way back home to her self. Constantly searching and learning to gain deep understanding of the human condition, Kim has gathered information and experiences in a variety of healing arts.


Her childhood wounding and traumas were running her life and it took a devastating divorce and the loss of her three month old nephew to plunge her into her own shadows, so that she could shed her stories and live in the present moment. This inner journey was one of transforming dark into light. Just as a tree has roots that grow down in the darkness, grounding the trunk so that the branches and leaves can grow toward the light; Kim has journeyed into her depths in order to burst open and shine. She has experienced her own transformation and offers this same gift to her clients.  


Kim participated in her own therapy for many years and at a certain point felt that another layer of healing was needed. She studied with a Western Shaman, learning how to journey, to meet her animal and spirit guides, and had a soul retrieval performed. She then traveled to Peru where she participated in ceremonies with a Shipibo Shaman and plant medicine. This helped her better understand her core woundings and clearly see how those patterns played out in her life so that she could change them. Integrating these lessons, she was able to free herself from limiting beliefs. She enrolled in a program through HCH Institute and is now a Certified Shamanic Practitioner. 


Kim received her Bachelor's degree in Communication from UC Santa Barbara and her Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from University of San Francisco. She is a former elementary school teacher, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 94793), a student and teacher of Shamanism, a Reiki level 2 practitioner, and a certified yoga instructor specializing in yoga nidra. Each of these paths has helped lay the foundation for her to offer a deep, unique, and creative style of healing to clients, blending all her knowledge and experience over the past two decades. Kim provides integrative healing that weaves psychology with Shamanic practices and energy medicine to help clients tap back into their own inner wisdom. We all have this within, but many of us have forgotten. This work is a magical process of remembering who you are.

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