"A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself." 



What I’m interested in from the field of psychology is our conditioning and the core beliefs that we created which wedge their way into our subconscious from a young age. Those beliefs and stories then continue to run in the background without our awareness and cause us to do things like self-sabotage or repeat the same dysfunctional relationship patterns. In a deep, loving, and gentle way, I help clients look at these core woundings. We access the stories that are running the show and then work in a holistic way to release them.

Once we have awareness of our subconscious terrain, we then have much more choice in how we respond to life. This also frees up space to start consciously co-creating the life we want. As this process unfolds, clients notice more peace and freedom inside. Once we shift the inner landscape, we find the world around us shifting as well. 


While I am trained and licensed as a psychotherapist (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT 94793), my current offerings are not under the purview of traditional therapy. I utilize my various skills and trainings to create a safe space for the holistic healing of the client-physical, mental, energetic, emotional, and spiritual. My background in psychology helps inform and create context for the work that we do; however, there are also spiritual and soulful pieces that I find crucial to a sense of wholeness.


Shamanism is the oldest spiritual and healing practice. It focuses on our connection with nature as well as sacred realms. It is said that Shamanism is the path of direct revelation because you have your own experience accessing guides, teachings, and wisdom. Each person's guidance is meant just for them. We all have this ability as well as a team of guides, they are just waiting for us to reach out and invite them in.


In this work, I always create a protected and sacred space before we begin, calling in the directions and my spirit guides. This provides a safe container for us to work in. Here’s what one client had to say: “I had hesitations from my fears and perceptions about journeying. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect but after one session I realized that the universe is expansive and spirit guides are here all around to help us become a higher version of ourselves. Kim has the visionary qualities to help guide souls on their spiritual journeys.”


If you’re interested in learning more about Shamanism and Soul Retrieval, click here for a great article by Sandra Ingerman.

Energy Medicine

We have each come to Earth and manifested into our human bodies with a purpose. My goal in our work together is to help clear away anything that is not who you really are (old conditioning/programming, energetic imprints) so that you can step into the fullness and brightness of your own individual light. We are not meant to all be the same. I support clients in shedding their past so that they can find what lights them up and brings them joy. And then offer their unique expression out into the world. 

Energy medicine includes working with the Luminous Energy Field (from a Shamanic perspective this contains all of our personal and ancestral memories as well as any traumas we've experienced) in addition to the unconscious programming and beliefs that have been stored in the neural network of the brain (neuroscience). By bringing the body into a hypnogogic state (relaxed state between wakefulness and sleep), clients are able to move from beta waves (waking) into alpha and theta states (waking dreaming). In this state, the body moves from fight/flight response into its relaxed state where it can bring forth its own natural ability to restore and heal. In working with energy, we are able to remove imprints of faulty programming from the past, expand consciousness, and anchor new states of being.

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