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It was a Tuesday morning. In my meditation, I went through the usual routine and then at the end I added, “Universe, please send me a sign or signs today. I will pay attention and look for them.” I went about my morning and when I arrived at the local cafe, I stepped out of my car and there on the ground was an index card with the word “play” written on it. “Okay, Universe, I hear you. I’ll play today. I have a few things that need to get done, but then play.”

The previous day had been a heavy one. Clients with suicidality, significant losses, chronic pain. For a while, I’ve known that I was ready to move into something beyond offering traditional therapy as my work. I definitely know how to sit in the heaviness and darkness with my clients, to meet them and witness their pain. Yet, my soul has been calling me to do other work. To bring more light. While I absolutely believe in therapy and think that it can be extremely helpful, I have also more recently found other ways of healing that have brought profound changes into my life.

After taking an hour to do what was needed, I shifted into play mode. If I don’t want to do traditional therapy, what do I want to do? I asked myself this question and it was as if I received what I’m calling a divine download. I sat at my computer for three hours and clearly outlined what I want to do. The kind of healing I want to offer: playful, creative, deep, spiritual. I created new business cards and began redoing my website. I reached out to people who could help me with the pieces I couldn’t do on my own. All of it happened so easily. Effortlessly.

When I connect with Spirit (Universe, Divine, there are a thousand names), I am in the flow and life unfolds beautifully and unexpectedly. I look around in wonder, waiting for the next sign to reveal itself. I have started making this my new practice: asking for signs each morning, paying attention and plugging in during the day, then giving thanks at night for the gifts given.

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