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I know it's been a while since I posted. I've been on an inward journey and now it's time to take all of my learning and offer it out. The past year has been full of yoga trainings, manifesting workshops, plant medicine ceremonies, and deeper healing. I needed the time to retreat. To keep filling my cup so that it is overflowing and I am giving from my excess, not my reserves. What an important lesson this has been for me. We're taught that it's selfish to take care of ourselves. We're taught to put others first. I was taught that taking care of others was always the priority. This is what leads to burnout.

I've spent the past two years slowing WAY down (and am still receiving the message to slow down even more). Rather than pushing and forcing and doing, I've been resting and allowing and receiving. Moving into a more feminine way of being (rather than the masculine energy of doing). What's ironic about this is that in surrendering the doing and letting myself just be, life sends me exactly what I need. I don't have to hustle and struggle and exert my energy. I trust. I listen to my intuition. I take action steps when I'm given guidance on how to proceed. I flow with life rather than trying to force it. It's actually a magical way of living.

Another message I'm receiving strongly these days is to show up. To stop hiding out. To stand in my power. It feels a little scary. Yet I know I need to do this. So I am committing to posting more content. To sharing more authentically. To offer what I have learned on my journey, knowing that it may help others along their path. And if you're part of my community (if you're reading this), what would you like to know more about? I'd love to give you what you want, just let me know what that is!

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