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Walking Each Other Home

I love hearing about the shifts that happen for clients in doing this work. In a session this week, a woman journeyed to ask for guidance from her spirit animal. She wanted to let down her armor so that she could allow authentic connection in her life. So many of us have put up barriers as a way of protecting ourselves. It is a beautiful way that our psyche can keep us safe when we are young and need it. However, there comes a point when those protections are no longer serving us and we need to let them go.

As her journey started, she found herself wondering the common question: Am I just making this up? She stayed with it and Horse appeared with wisdom that wiped away her skepticism. Horse gave her messages about sitting in integrity, learning how to soften, and that she would have to practice falling in order to trust that she'll know how to catch herself. A few days later, this client called to tell me about some big emotions that were surfacing for her and how she allowed herself to cry and grieve (she generally goes straight to anger and doesn't feel her sadness). She reached out for help and let a friend witness her pain. A day later, she had the realization that this was a practice in falling. And she knew how to catch herself: by putting down her armor, feeling her feelings, and being vulnerable with another. In doing so, she was able to have an authentic connection.

The same day that I received this message, I had been having big feelings of my own. This reminder to reach out and connect with others led me to do so for myself. By connecting and sharing what was going on, I felt so much better and was able to move through the emotions with more ease and grace. And as feelings do, the sadness softened and shifted into something else. No feeling lasts forever.

This quote by Ram Dass keeps surfacing: We are all just walking each other home.

*I always ask for permission from a client before I share their story*

**Photo of my sister and me at our favorite beach in Lombok...the quote made me think of it**

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