Yoga nidra has been referred to as dynamic sleep, psychic sleep, or deep relaxation with inner awareness. This experiential process prompts the body to relax while the mind remains awake and aware. In this hypnagogic state (between being awake and being asleep), we are able to access and deactivate default programming that keeps us stuck in unhealthy ways of perceiving and engaging with the world around us.


Shamanic journeying allows us to travel beyond ordinary reality into other realms where we can meet animal and spirit guides. We can retrieve information from these other worlds and bring it back for our healing, growth, and transformation.


In this nidra journey, we will go to the Upper World where we can meet our Highest Self. We will have a chance to talk with our Highest Self to receive our own wisdom and guidance. 

Nidra Journey: Highest Self (19 mins)

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