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Your Healer Within

I am a healer. However, I don't consider it my own job to heal others. My work is to heal myself. And then show others how to access their own ability to heal themselves.

We all have this power within us. We all have our own guidance that is meant just for us. 

Have your intuitive gifts been surfacing recently (or perhaps they've been there a long time but have been hidden away)?

Are you ready to step into your power and start living your most aligned and authentic life?


Do you want to learn experiential practices so that you can heal yourself and start living your true purpose and mission that you chose for this lifetime? 

In this eight week course, you will learn how to create sacred space, clear your energy field, and access your divine inner wisdom. Whether you are new to spiritual and energy work or you've been on this path for a while, this course will give you experiential practices that you can start using right away to heal and upgrade your body, mind, and soul

You will come away with a better understanding of your inner world and how to work with your own energy. You'll map out where you've been so that you know what still needs to be healed while also visioning your future, so you can move closer to your becoming. By the end of the course, you will have plenty of tools to help you navigate all of life's ups and downs moving forward. 

Week 1: Sacred Space

  • Learn 5 Energy Practices to clear your field and create sacred space

  • Explore your Sacred Garden, a place you can return to over and over again for healing and renewal

  • Tap into your Intuitive Gifts and begin working with them in your daily life

Week 3: River of Life

  • Identify Core Woundings, bringing them to conscious awareness to heal and release

  • Create your River of Life, a map of where you've been and what still needs healing

  • Gifts and Lessons, identifying the gifts you've received as a result of your past and the lessons you are here on Earth to learn

Week 5: Journeying

  • Tree of Life as a map of human consciousness and intro to non-ordinary reality

  • The Art of Journeying, also called soul flight where we allow the soul to leave the body in order to move beyond ordinary reality

  • Journey to meet a Spirit Animal

Week 7: Values and Vision

  • Create Strings of Values, identifying what you value and using those as filters for life choices

  • Tune into your Life Vision, journey to find what you want to create in your life moving forward

  • Identify Action Steps that align with your vision and values

Week 2: Chakra Clearing

  • Pendulum Practice, building a relationship with your pendulum

  • Understand the Chakra System and how you can use it to heal and upgrade your energy field

  • Chakra Testing and Clearing, to gain clarity on what areas of your life need attention

Week 4: Shadow Illumination

  • What is Shadow Work? We'll explore what shadows are and why it's important to give them attention

  • Shadow Illumination, a process to learn what your shadows are here to teach you and how to transform them into allies

  • Shadow Search, knowing how to identify shadow aspects of yourself

Week 6: Ritual and Ceremony

  • Ritual, daily acts, done with presence, making them sacred

  • Ceremony Creation, elements and ideas for holding your own ceremonies

  • Integration, taking time and space to embody all of the wisdom you are receiving

Week 8: You are the Oracle

  • Working with Oracle Cards to receive divine guidance and clarity

  • Listening to your Intuition, becoming a vessel for Spirit to flow through

  • Oracle Card Readings, learn 3 different spreads and how they can provide wisdom in various life situations

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Awaken Your Healer Within Group Program


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Awaken Your Healer 1:1 Mentorship

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