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Shamanism is the oldest spiritual and healing practice. It focuses on our connection with nature as well as sacred realms. It is said that Shamanism is the path of direct revelation because you have your own experience accessing guides, teachings, and wisdom. Each person's guidance is meant just for them. We all have this ability as well as a team of guides, they are just waiting for us to reach out and invite them in.

We have each come to Earth and manifested into our human bodies with a purpose. My goal in our work together is to help clear away anything that is not who you really are (old conditioning/programming, energetic imprints) so that you can step into the fullness and brightness of your own individual light. We are not meant to all be the same. I support clients in shedding their past so that they can find what lights them up and brings them joy. And then offer their unique expression out into the world. 

My offerings and the gifts that I infuse into our work together include Intuitive Shamanic Energy Healing, acting as a Soul Guide, taking clients through a process of Inner Excavation & Alchemy, Anchoring Light, and facilitating Healer Activation. You can read a bit more about what each of those mean to me below.

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Intuitive Shamanic Energy Healing

Intuitive Shamanic Energy Healing includes clearing imprints from the luminous body, which is the energetic system that includes chakras and the energy field that runs through and around the body. This combines elements of ceremony, energetic work, hypnotherapy, chakra clearing, and intuitive guidance.

Soul Guide

I am here to guide your soul. We can't do this work mind to mind. I help you drop into soul space (also called theta brainwave state, shamanic space, quantum field) so that we can listen to and learn from your soul. We drop from head to heart. With soul guidance, you enter into and open your heart. In doing so, you learn to love yourself, which then allows you to love and accept others. 


Inner Excavation & Alchemy

In this work, we always turn inward because that's where we find the hidden and buried treasures of who we are. We go within to shine a light on the parts that have been hiding or perhaps parts we haven't wanted or been ready to acknowledge. What is ready to be revealed will appear so it can be witnessed and transformed. 

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Healer Activation

We all have the ability to heal ourselves. I help you remember how to activate these gifts for yourself. You have all the answers you need within. In this work, you access your ability to connect with this inner wisdom. As you sink more and more into your deep knowing, you will seek less external validation. This is a process of coming home to yourself. 

Anchor of Light

I create a safe container of sacred space anchored in light. That way, we can go wherever we're led. Even, and especially, if that is into the depths and darkness. Shadow work is necessary if we want to find our way back to wholeness. I keep us anchored in the present as we journey to the places that are calling for attention. 

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