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The Journey Home

The Journey Home is my signature program where I blend the ancient healing tradition of shamanism with my background in psychology — for people who know they are destined to shine bright.


In this safe container, I'll guide you beyond time and space to meet your spirit guides and find the parts of your soul that have been waiting to return home to you. You'll learn how to recognize and break out of old patterns that have held you back for years.


By the end of our time together, you'll be fully empowered to follow your unique magic, listen to your inner guidance, and live a life of your own creation.


Have you tried traditional therapy, waking up at 6am for yoga class, reading self-help book after self-help book... but you still feel like a different layer of healing is needed?

Do you collapse on the couch at the end of every day feeling drained from your job or family obligations, knowing on a deep level that something is missing from your life but not knowing what that is?

Are you tired of feeling trapped in the same suffocating patterns that keep popping up in your life, wondering how you still haven't figured out a solution to the career/relationship/money challenges that keep you stuck and unhappy?

Are you in the midst of a life-changing transformation such as divorce, loss, or a career change and wondering how you can integrate this hardship to become more confident, excited about life, and connected to the divine?

Are you ready to craft the life you've only dared to daydream about, where you're no longer tied to the societal or family conditioning that has held you back?

The Journey Home is an integrative approach that removes layers of conditioning, brings awareness to your shadow, and allows you to receive messages and guidance from beyond. Through this process, you find your way back to center, where you realize that you already have everything you need inside.


During The Journey Home, you will discover how to: 

Stop fitting in and instead stand out, shining your unique light into the world


Wake up with a smile on your face, delighting in the synchronicities all around you, excited to see what magic will occur throughout the day


Clearly see when your old patterns are showing up and have the clarity and confidence to make new, empowered choices


Create time and spaciousness in your life to be still, listen, allow and receive wisdom and guidance 


Feel a deep connection to yourself, your guides, and the divine leading to a sense of wholeness, balance, and harmony in your life​

The Journey Home includes individual sessions where we:


Heal original wounding and clear energetic imprints of old patterns using somatic techniques and guided energy medicine


Cleanse and clear your chakras, realigning your energy body


Use shamanic journeying to meet animal and spirit guides who bring wisdom and messages that are meant just for you


Reset your nervous system (taking you out of fight/flight and bringing you back to rest/digest) through guided visualizations


Retrieve and integrate lost soul parts (that may have left the body due to trauma), bringing a stronger sense of self, vitality, and life force essence

Identify your values and vision and use them as a filter for taking actions in alignment with your dreams

Contact me to schedule a discovery call to see whether this might be the next step on your path!

All sessions are remote via zoom.

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