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My Journey

Walking the shamanic path is my deepest honor and brings me so much joy. I constantly find myself saying "thank you thank you thank you" at the end of a session. I love helping clients meet their guides for the first time or retrieve a lost part of their soul. This is magical work that takes us beyond time and space, where anything is possible.


As a Shamanic Healer, I embody the wisdom and magic that empowers others to alchemize and ascend to their highest selves.


My journey has led me through some very dark places: childhood traumas, a divorce, and the death of my three month old nephew. I had conditioning and programming rooted in fear, scarcity, abandonment, and distrust. My mind was a negative place and I often operated from victim consciousness.


My wounding felt so deep and I wanted someone to witness my pain and heal it for me. What I didn't realize at the time was that I was the only one who could do that. 


Once I finally answered the call and said yes to Shamanism, my life changed in extraordinary and beautiful ways. I knew it was leading me home to myself. From my first journey, I felt deeply connected to my guides and continue to be so grateful for their love, support, and wisdom. I made my way to the Amazon jungle in Peru, learning from Shipibo Shamans and Ayahuasca which blew my world wide open. Within weeks of returning from that trip, I gave notice at my job and apartment and moved back to my hometown. 


I found a training program and became a Shamanic Practitioner. I communed with San Pedro for a year while working with a mentor trained in the Q'ero tradition of Peruvian Shamanism. I joined the Shamanic Academy, learning from Native American traditions. Most recently I've been healing with Cacao, a gentle and powerful heart opener. 


All of the work over the past decade has spiraled me deeper inward; helping me shed my past conditioning, integrate shadow aspects of myself, learn to surrender and trust in myself and life, and from that place co-create a life of my dreams.


At the center of the spiral, I have come home to my own heart. And now I wind my way back out, offering what I have learned to help guide others in their own awakening and expansion. 

Education and Certifications

Shamanic Academy 2020

Certified in Guided Energy Medicine

HCH Shamanic Practitioner Training Program 2018

Certified Shamanic Practitioner

Board of Behavioral Sciences 2016

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist LMFT 94793

Lighting the Path Yoga Teacher Training 2014

200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher

University of San Francisco 2010

Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology

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My Mission

It is my mission in life to create sacred space where people can tap into their inner world in order to identify and shed old beliefs that aren’t true so that they can shine their authentic light into the world.


I serve as a guide, teacher, and example for connecting with our own inner guidance system. We each have this within, but are often taught to seek answers outside of ourselves. In this work, we slow down and turn inward, allowing our own messages, healing, and intuition to come through. This knowing is more powerful and profound because it is our own.


Through a process of deconditioning (bringing awareness to and releasing old beliefs we created at a young age that no longer serve us), growing our connection with self and Source, defining our values, and gaining clarity on the life we want to create; we are able to transform into living a life of our own design with more peace and freedom.

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