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I was having a conversation with friends recently and as you would expect, we started talking about psychics and different experiences we've had. We discussed the desire to have someone else predict our future and tell us how our life is going to work out.

I found myself thinking about the ways in which we give our power away to others. We want to know answers, to have certainty...because it helps us feel safe. And yet, life is uncertain, unpredictable, and constantly changing. Thinking we "know" the answers is an illusion. Just as the idea that we are "safe" is an illusion.

The real safety lies in trusting ourselves. In knowing that no matter what happens, we will be okay. We will find our way through whatever life throws at us.

That's why I love helping others connect with their inner guidance. To listen within for the answers that are just right for you. Often we've learned not to trust our intuition, to dismiss it, to deny it in favor of listening to what others have to say.

I've been talking with clients lately about receiving. Of creating a practice where they just sit and ask to receive. If there is a particular issue coming up, then they have an intention to receive guidance about that and then go within and listen. Images might appear, lyrics to a song, the idea to call a friend, or a knowing that watching a certain movie is important. All of these are messages, clues that lead us to our own answers.

In our culture, we're encouraged to always be doing and going and moving. Taking time to sit quietly seems pointless. "I'm not doing anything." And that is exactly the point. To just BE. To sit still. To listen and receive. We can't find our own answers within if we are constantly distracting ourselves or doing more and more.

I invite you to find some time this week to sit in silence and receive. I'd love to hear how it goes

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