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Healing with the Elements

Which image is calling to you? Trust your first instinct.

Here's how you can heal yourself with the elements. If you chose:

Air. Take ten deep belly breaths, all the way down into the low belly and slooooowly exhale. Then go outside (or open a window) and feel the air around you. Be present. Notice all the places the air touches your skin, the temperature, and any other sensations arising. If you have sage, cedar, palo santo, copal, or other incense or herbs, you can light them and let the smoke clear your space. Or if you have essential oils, you could choose one and apply it to your wrists, neck, and temples. Breathe in the smells. Sit quietly for a few moments. Ask yourself, what needs movement and change in my life?

Earth. Get outside. Put your bare feet on the ground. Imagine roots growing down from your feet all the way to the center of the earth. Feel yourself grounded and connected. Then allow yourself to stand tall. Lengthen your spine. Feel yourself strong and stable like the trunk of a tree. Ask yourself, how can I support myself today?

Fire. Candle or fire gazing. Light a candle or a fire. If there is a question on your heart, let that be your intention. Focus your attention on the flame. Watch it as it moves and shifts and morphs. Let answers come to you from the metaphor of the flame. Ask yourself, what needs to be released to the fire for purification?

Water. Take a warm bath or shower. Go near a body of water. Pay attention to how the water moves and flows, to its fluidity. Notice what happens within you as you let water flow over and around you or as you sit near water and watch it. What emotions rise within? Ask yourself, where can I allow more ease and flow into my life?

Which element needed your attention today? Let me know in the comments

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