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Journey Through the Medicine Wheel

Was it just me or did this full moon drop you down into your depths too? I went into a dark night of the soul for a moment and was reminded how far I've come in my journey. I now have the tools to take care of myself, to sit in the uncomfortable spaces and feel into them, and know that it won't last forever. I had plans for the weekend and chose to cancel them so that I could be with everything that was surfacing. As I journaled and walked on the beach and practiced yoga, deep layers revealed themselves so that I could release them. It was a four day process and then suddenly an idea moved through me and I created a new offering: an eight-week workshop series called Journey Through the Medicine Wheel.

The thing that amazes me is how once we acknowledge and let go of old, outdated stories; we create room for something new to bloom. By clearing out more layers, there was space for this beautiful offering to come in. I work in a treatment center and love the group process. The way that members support each other, validate one another, and act as mirrors. The idea of creating a community has been calling to me. Creating a space for connections and relationships to grow and develop. That is part of my intention in offering this series. You can see the full details here, but a little bit about what's coming:

Journey Through the Medicine Wheel: Shamanism, Yoga Nidra, and Psychology to Heal Your Past, Live in the Present, and Create Your Future

In this workshop series, we’ll move through the four directions of the medicine wheel over eight weeks, spending two weeks in each direction.


Intro to Shamanism

Guided Nidra Journey to Sacred Garden

Identify Conditioning and Limiting Core Beliefs

Shamanic Journey to Meet your Animal Guide

Guided Nidra to Chamber of Contracts


What is the Shadow Self?

Feeding your Shadow

Guided Nidra Journey to Healer Within

Shamanic Journey to Clear Ancestral Patterning

Four Chamber Soul Retrieval


Identify your Values

Create Strings of Values

Guided Nidra Journey to Highest Self

Defining Success

Shamanic Journey to Meet your Spirit Guide


Life Visioning

Guided Nidra Journey in Life Vision Categories

Shamanic Journey to Ask about Purpose

Year Ahead Oracle Card Spread

I wanted to get this out to my community first so you have the opportunity to join if it's something that resonates with you. Or if you know someone who might benefit, please pass it along.

And feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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