Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment




"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure..."

-Marianne Williamson

Find your way back to center  

Helping you find your way home using a blend of...

Psychology: Understanding conscious and unconscious patterns of thought and behavior and how those shape your reality. Unwiring old stories and conditioning THAT NO LONGER SERVE YOU.

Shamanism: An experiential path of direct revelation; getting CONNECTED TO YOUR OWN INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM. Interacting with the spirit world to bring its messages and healing to this world.

Energy Medicine: Removing old imprints from your energy body, expanding consciousness, and dreaming your future into being. Coming back to your true essence so that YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF can shine through. 

A variety of services for anyone who...

Is feeling lost, stuck, or uncertain about their path forward

Keeps repeating the same patterns over and over (in career, relationships, or any other area of life)

Wants someone to walk through the dark times with them

Has experienced trauma and wants healing

Is experiencing lack of energy or passion in their life and wants to reclaim their power

Wants to connect more deeply to their inner guidance system

Is on a spiritual path and needs support integrating their learnings

Needs a spiritual mentor

Wants to dream big and live a life of their making

REmote Sessions Available