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The Sacred Unfolding

The Sacred Unfolding allows spiritually curious souls to learn how to heal themselves, remember their sacred gifts, and offer their unique medicine into the world.

We are living in unprecedented times and many lightworkers have chosen to be here at this moment to bring about shifts in consciousness so that we awaken into a new world. If you are reading this, you are likely one of them.

The Sacred Unfolding is a six-month deep dive into shamanism and at the end of it, you can become Certified as a Shamanic Practitioner. This program is for anyone who wants to begin walking the path of shamanism in their daily life. You can use it for your own healing and personal growth and/or if you’re wanting to offer this healing out into the world. 

In this program we will move through the four directions of the Medicine Wheel to heal your past, find peace in the present, and dream your future into being. You will be doing your own healing work while also learning skills, tools, and techniques to guide others in their healing and awakening process. Some of these include chakra clearing, energy medicine, guided visualizations, shadow work, soul retrieval, and ancestral healing.

This program is for you if:

  • you have a sincere interest in exploring shamanism as a way of life

  • you are working in the healing/healthcare field (therapist, hypnotherapist, nurse, cranio-sacral, etc) and want to offer a deeper and more integrated approach for your clients

  • are excited by the idea of meeting spirit guides, retrieving lost soul parts, and journeying to other realms

  • feel called to step into your gifts in order to be of service to humanity

  • have the ability to invest (time, money, energy, heart) and commit to the six-month program

The next program starts in April 2022. Apply now and we can schedule a call to see if this is the best path forward for you!

This program is mostly online via zoom and there are two weekend intensives in North County San Diego.

Journey through the Medicine Wheel

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