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I've been spending a lot of time inside over the last 4-6 weeks. Needing space to retreat, reflect, and absorb what has come into my life. And also to shed what is no longer needed. I recently had an astrological natal chart reading. It was 3.5 hours and mind-blowing in many amazing ways. I never knew that my rising sign was Cancer, the crab. Throughout their lives, crabs need to molt. They go into a safe, protected space and shed their shell because they've outgrown it and it's time to for a new one. I think that's what I've been doing.

The full moon in Capricorn (the moon in my chart is in Capricorn) on June 28 happened right after I'd had my chart read. There were so many synchronicities during this time around the father archetype, repeated patterns with men in my life, and the message to heal. Full moons are a time to set intentions around what we want to release and I placed my prayers to the full moon on the beach in Santa Barbara (the photo in this post).

Tonight is a super new moon. It sits dark and empty. It is powerful and waiting for us to plant our wishes for what we would like to grow in our lives. I've been feeling the pull of this new moon all week. Lots of emotions stirred up and coming out. I've been thanking them and letting them go.

There are many exciting things on the horizon for my business. More on that in the next few weeks as I solidify plans. At the same time, many challenges have come up and I've been trying to look at them as opportunities. Where it seems one door has closed, what does that open up for me? A space becomes available, but it doesn't look like I thought it would. Can I reimagine how to use it to foster the growth of community and healing?

This molting time has softened me. The shell I'm letting go of has been a suit of armor meant to keep others out. That is no longer needed. This next one will be protective, but also permeable. I want others to come into my life. I trust in myself and the universe to know how and when to protect me as needed, so I don't need impenetrable armor anymore.

With this new moon, what do you want to plant? What are you willing to let go of in order to get to where you want to go? Are you able to soften places that have been hardened in you?

May we all find safe spaces to molt so that we have room to grow into our newly evolving selves.

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